Bright, Quick, & Flexible

iPhone works well with AINEO Secure. We are pleased to announce after two weeks of testing that the iPhone works well with the groupware, email, schedule, and collaboration features of AINEO Secure. We do have some comments about the new Apple entry to the wireless market.

If you are serious about email, then you will probably not like the iPhone all that much. This is especially true for BlackBerry users even with little experience on the BB. Although the keyboard is aesthetically not exactly pretty, it is certainly functional. Typing on the iPhone is a bit of a dog. You have to one-finger it, as opposed to thumbing it.


In short, it takes a lot longer to write an email in English, and even more so in Japanese. When using the iPhone touch keyboard there are a lot of errors in selecting the correct character. We have seen other users on the units tapping one character at a time with their index fingers. It reminds me of the fairy in the song Little Bunny Fufu. Whereas as a BlackBerry user, you can quickly respond to emails on the run as you can thumb in your message very quickly.

The other very important area is security. If one of your iPhone users loses their phone, good luck! You have all that company data floating around for someone else to grab. You should tell your users to set the 4-digit pin on their iPhones and set the system to wipe the memory after 5 missed password attempts. But nothing beats the blackberry for it`s remote wipe.

Even Windows Mobile 6, which supposedly remote data wipes does not unless you have a WinMobile 6.1 device. When this vapourware really becomes existent then maybe windows mobile will be more of a competitor to the BlackBerry and the iPhone.

For doing business, it is a lot easier to lookup a phone number on a Blackberry by typing in S-M- by which time you have all the Smiths coming up on your display. The iPhone works more like a Rolodex. If you have a few thousand contacts, it take a while to flip through all the letter S entries.

For now, if you are thinking about mobility this is the AINEO recommendation. If you are serious about email and security, then BlackBerry is the superior choice. It is a lot more versatile for the business person. Questions? Contact us, any of our team would be happy to help.