Bright, Quick, & Flexible

AINEO has been around for over 20 years. We’ve been setting up servers, pulling LAN network cables, engineering WIFI systems, opening retail stores all around Japan (and a few other places where we’ve parachuted in around Asia), rolling out computers running Windows and macOS, and setting up phone systems as well as SIP gateways by the hundreds. It’s been busy. In 2012, we used our long experience in communications technology (voice, video, email, chat, and collaboration) to engineer something bigger. AINEO has a completely different role in business.

AINEO is a CSP. CSP is an abbreviated way of saying communications service provider. With the predominance of open source phone services in Japan, we knew we could do it better. We launched iPBX as a service in 2012. However, we knew that our service had to be better for provisioning 10 or 10,000 users at one. We also knew that companies want to have something to sell to their clients that round out their portfolio of information technology services.

In December of 2016, we pushed out our new iPBX Hosting platform which we call iPBX Circle. iPBX Hosting is Japan’s fastest growing, independently owned carrier class service. Circle provides an unbeatably reliable all in one communications service for phone/voice, chat, video, and document collaboration.

AINEO is no longer the start up company it was in 1997. We are now an ISO certified, GDPR compliant carrier service (CSP) running geo-redundant data centers around Japan that provide companies in Japan seamless and interrupted access to their teams and clients.

The one thing that has not changed is our rallying call in our team. Team AINEO is bright, quick, and flexible. Whether we’re 50 or 500 players, we will keep being a innovative and quick to respond to our sales partners and their clients as our number one priority.  Find out what people are saying about us here.

To the cloud, and beyond!!