Bright, Quick, & Flexible

Have you ever arrived at an airport after a long flight with your laptop battery still fully charged and the feeling that you didn’t get anything done on the flight?

Many people board planes with the greatest of intentions. They’ve charged their devices to be able to read, listen to music, catch up on podcasts, read that Kindle/Nook e-book, or more importantly catch up on office work. The problem is that most of us get distracted and end up watching lame movies the whole trip. How can you make your trip more productive? Below are a few suggestions from the AINEO team.

First and foremost, make sure you are connected to your mail server before you board the plane and synch up all your details. If you are on an international flight, you will likely not have WiFi but you’ll still have plenty of things you can do.

-Inbox Clean Up– Go through and get excess emails out of your inbox and cleared.

-Respond To Those Messages You Missed- We all get too much email and can potentially drop a message here or there. The inside of an airliner cabin is a great to look for dropped messages. Find them and respond. Once you touch down you’ll have a flood of responses back to those people you had forgotten about.

-Organize Your Files- Clean up that desktop, get pics, docs, spread sets and so forth in their places. A clean desktop is a sign of a clear mind. For personal stuff, this is where services like Dropbox or Sugarsync come in handy.

-Check Up on Your Action Lists- Check off those things you’ve done. Reprioritize, rethink, get your thoughts in order for when you hit the group

Bon Voyage!