Bright, Quick, & Flexible


2007 was a phenomenal year for AINEO. We added over 100 additional sites nationwide and although we are doing regional support in the Asia Pacific region, we saw incredible growth in Japan. In 2007, we executed business in every major city in Japan, and a lot of minor ones to boot.

In sheer volume, we saw ourselves become one of the top ten systems integrators in Tokyo. Why we weren’t number one, we are unsure. If we were American politicians, we would probably be asking for a recount.

In the Asia Pacific market, we have seen an increase in the number of IT companies. However, we have also noted a significant decrease in the quality of the work performed. AINEO has been called in to clean up after these companies more times than we can count. In Japan, we`ve even seen furniture companies attempting to do information technology build outs and support. We felt sorry for their clients.

Other IT companies have given in to the temptation to become “body shops”; lured by the high margins of 25-35% of a candidates annual salary. They have effectively become head hunters. Neglecting the management of the quality of the system engineering, these other IT firms have just put bodies in seats at their customer sites.

AINEO is the IT department, we report to the executives of our customers (whom we call partners) and manage costs. In Tokyo, one site saved 9,000,000 yen annual by replacing their IT team (one temp and one full-time IT manager covering 100 employees in three locations)with AINEO engineers who quickly fixed hardware issues, software issues, and even sorted out service and licensing issues. AINEO does not shuffle resumes or put bodies in seats that we are not responsible for. We engage our team to work on the behalf of those who entrust their IT to us. Our strength is our team and our experience, not any individual.

From October we began an internal project which was code-named AAP (AINEO Access Project). After a lot of work from our team, our project manager, and engineering we are just about ready to introduce a service that will help businesses (and non-profits as well) significantly introduce IT costs.

IT is something that should hum along in the background. Not become a huge cost center. AAP is an exact response to that. You will see a press release coming in April with the service name and description of this great service. It addresses every major concern that people have about their IT department in one package.

Special thanks to executive management and teams of Hewlett Packard (HP), Microsoft Japan, and Research in Motion. The whole AINEO team commends the time and money you have put into this project!