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CIRCLE Softphone For Mac or Windows

If you’re one of the thousands of CIRCLE users around Japan, you’ve probably noticed that you have received a notice on your Mac or Windows machine to update your CIRCLE Softphone. What’s going on?

A few weeks ago, AINEO Networks announced a new update for our popular CIRCLE Cloud Communications service in October (announcement here). This is the beauty of the cloud.  A cost-effective service that includes updates and new features just for you and your organization that is cutting edge technology.  No more outdated systems at your premises that present a security risk.

Below are the bugs and fixes for the new softphone update:

– Sending of DTMF tones if failing in certain scenarios
– Contacts view not updated in macOS Big Sur
– Localization: Missing translation after ACD distribution
– Call setup fails with ‘500 server internal errors’
– Mobile call not showing up as monitored in Desktop Application

As we prepare for the upcoming update, all endpoints need to be updated.  If you see an update notice, you will need to update your app on your devices in order to seamlessly use Japan’s fastest growing cloud phone service after the update.  All the CIRCLE datacenters around Japan will be updated with CIRCLE 5.1.  We’re excited to roll out these new features.Thanks for choosing CIRCLE Cloud Comms for your telephone, video, chat!