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Good day!

Over the past few months people have commented that they haven’t seen me around much. This time of year many people send out family newsletters, so I thought I would drop a brief note of what I am up to, but more from a business perspective as important changes are happening in the business climate.
Actually, for the last year or so I have been very involved in preparing to release two products in Japan.

Firstly, with the increase of our IT equipment sales and support with Japanese companies over 2007, we saw a need for companies that needed better group scheduling, professionals to deal with junk mail, viruses and security threats. We began planning in the services in October 2007 and rolled out our new datacenter for the hosted email and website businesses in June. It is called AINEO Secure.

AINEO Secure
Being the perfectionist engineers that we are, we weren’t completely happy with the first rollout. We bought extra equipment, rebuilt the servers, and moved the current users in August. It is a 24-hour job being a service provider for email and websites. I know our guys are good, but to provde it, brought in three outside companies to verify the quality of our work. We did great.

We are glad to finally have a good messaging service that we can trust. We put more information at Secure is essentially Hosted MS Exchange and a better open architecture version called Zimbra that we really like. We have integrated a number of products we put together to deliver solid messaging and website hosting. Works well with the iPhone and other devices to boot!

Bringing Shoretel to Japan
Secondly, we had been searching for a good telephone system for large enterprises and even smaller offices since 2003. We see people trying to sell hosted PBX (telephone) systems, but thought who really wants to bother moving the PBX out of the office? Not many, as good telephone systems are very reliable and are not under all the attacks of email systems and web site servers.

In July 2007, we visited ShoreTel who we discovered as a great telephone system platform. Not new to people to the Americans, as ShoreTel is very successful there. After a lot of work (getting voice prompts in Japanese, connecting to NTT lines, and doing QA testing), we replaced the Nortel Networks systems (which we are famous for servicing) with a beta ShoreTel system. We are pretty excited to start doing “official” installations in December. We’ve been training up our engineers for supporting ShoreTel and have a lot of interest for fully-featured reasonably priced telephone systems. We put up a bit of information on that at . We are building up a reseller network in that area.

GREAT Things to Come
Well, we’ve closed our best year in 11 years of business in Japan last month. There is an economic down-turn but thank God we don’t really see it. Everyone wants to cut IT costs. We’ve gotten busier as people want to rely on an IT team rather than hiring individuals that likely come and go.

Never a dull moment, that is for sure! I hope that your business is going well. Drop me a line when you get a chance.
If you think IT, think AINEO!

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