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Okinawa prefecture in Southern Japan was severely affected by the recent typhoon.  Many hotels, businesses, and residences are out of power, internet, and telephone services.  We have been receiving requests for help in setting up back up plans for hotels wanting to be reachable to their guests.  If you need a systems rescue, we can help. 

If you organization has an office or property in Okinawa suffering from telecommunications or internet outages, please contact the bright Partner Service Team at CIRCLE via email or our MOSHIKOMI Hotline for immediate help.  It normally takes a few days to set up new organizations on CIRCLE but we are prioriting those in Okinawa that need telephone service based on the cloud. 

Please contact CIRCLE Partner Service here or by calling our new user sign up hotline in Japan at +81 3 4520 8639.if you need any urgent help.