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Bellroy Thin DownIf you read the news on the internet, or exhibit the typical profile interests of any English speaking guy, you have likely seen a “slim down wallet” advert on the side of the webpage.  You see a picture of typical stuffed wallet filled to the brim with cards, receipts, and all the other items that makes that can make a wallet 5- 6 cm thick. Next to it is a  a sleek and sexy wallet.
As you visit other websites, the advert seems to follow you around the internet urging you to buy this wallet that will “change your life” and organize you.  A few days later, you find these ads still following you around the net (if you haven’t cleared your browser cache).  Most of us have ignored the ads, but our sub-consciouses registered that there is a better way to carry your essential transactional tools such as money, point cards, credit cards, and receipts around.  This online market is done by company is called Bellroy
Although Bellroy is a company based in Australia, they have done a great looking local and catering to key markets. To the Americans, they look nearly like an American brand as you see the comments on  To the Japanese, you can get the products off the Bellroy website, Amazon Japan, but actually in many more retail locations.  They probably need more in Japanese but with video explanations of how you can use their product with no audio it’s easy to get the point of how the product can be used.
In Japan, a quick search of places to purchases around Tokyo station shows you nearly 20 stores selling the products.  Well done!  We bought a wallet at famous Japanese retailer Itoya for an award at one of our team meetings. We  found the Bellroy wallet something that really appeals to us in Japan as we like to be organized and many people travel by train in the major cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Nagoya.
Despite being a company just six years old, Bellroy has been able to create some interest in wallets and their own market segment. Before it was either a range from simple cheap products to over-priced fashion brands.  They have priced most of their products somewhere around the 10,000 yen area which isn’t exactly a Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or Mont Blanc priced product, but may not be exactly cheap either.
The Bellroy products don’t feel like the highest grade leather, and in some cases you wonder if some pieces are leather at all.  However, the appeal of slimming down your wallet and rethinking what exactly you carry is a concept they seem to be redefining in what they call “carryology”.  They even give tips on how to better manage what you carry.  Get some of those in English here.
Overall, our feedback with the Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet is the products are very nice and delivers on it’s promise to slim down what you carry each day.  People are likely tired of seeing brands jack up their pricing each year ranging from 35,000 to 70,000 yen to carry your cards and cash.
iPBX Hosting Japan Cloud PhonesWe know there is a lot of marketing power behind Bellroy, but isn’t that what it’s all about?  Buying something that you enjoy and feel makes life better?  Besides, what could be better than a business professional running the iPBX Hosting Phone app on their smartphone in a Bellroy phone case like this?
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