Bright, Quick, & Flexible


Many of us inundated with sometimes hundreds of emails each day. Some necessary, some just distractions. Of course, you need to have a viable subject or product you’re wanting to talk about before you contact someone. If you’ve got a good product or service or topic to address, then how do you get people’s attention?

AINEO’s team, like nearly every organization, is very reliant on email. It is so important to us that we built a whole service so businesses could have private email that would allow for collaboration and sharing of information, contacts, action lists, and documents. Our service is called It’s based in Japan and based on Zimbra’s Collaboration Suite and cPanel. One of our benefits is our datacenters are in Asia not in the USA so you won’t have the National Security Agency (NSA) reading your email.

Despite building a business email service, there are still seven quick things that you should know about email to keep it effective, and more importantly READ. Here are seven quick tips.

1) Keep the contents brief and to the point

2) Input the subject line with a short and descriptive name of your purpose

3) Address the person your sending to Dear X

4) Include a signature and forget the silly disclaimers

5) Follow emails with phone calls

6) If you are mailing multiple folks, always give a way to unsubscribe

7) Remember that your email is like a postcard. It can be read and is not private.

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