Bright, Quick, & Flexible


Are you trying to figure out what the best tool is for your business? After using a iPhone here in Tokyo for the last year, I have got a BlackBerry Bold unit from Research in Motion Japan and have been using both the iPhone and the BlackBerry smartphones. I have used tested Symbian and Windows mobile as well as a BlackBerry before switching to an iPhone 12 months ago.

I am so glad to be back on a BB. After using an iPhone I have experience to compare as I spent about the same amount time on each platform to date.

If you are looking to do business with your device. Here are some things to consider-

-BlackBerry’s are much quicker and easier to thumb a message because you have a physical keyboard as opposed to only a touch screen.
-The BB Bold Device is very quick to get to your email without all the touching through all the menus.
-The task list can be added and synchronized with your mail/collaboration server. This is a must for the guy on the road.
-The BlackBerry compresses each message to 2k. This is great for international travelers as there is minimal roaming charges in other countries. (Many iPhone users have been tattooed in this area. 198,000 yen for one Japanese businessman’s trip of 2 days in Singapore and two days in Seoul).
-The battery lasts! You don’t have to carry an extra power charger just because you are doing push email.

The iPhone is definitely a trend setter. The Apple Application Store, the video and audio podcasting, the built in music player that syncs with iTunes…it’s just a great device. The iPhone is a good tool that can be used in business as well. However, our experience at AINEO definitely points to the BlackBerry as the clear winner for business people. AINEO runs HTC (Windows Mobile), RIM (BlackBerry), and Nokia (Symbian) devices on our AINEO Secure Hosting Services.