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Web 2.0. Social networking. Guerilla marketing. Cloud computing. These are terms that are bandied about in businesses all over the globe. But what do they mean exactly? More specifically, how might they impact on operational and capital expenses? What are the benefits of such innovations and what are the risks to businesses? In today’s rapidly changing environment what must the CEO, CFO and CIO need to know in order to make the right decisions when it comes to client information? And when it comes to Japan, where real-estate related operational expenses are really high, will the cloud help you reduce your back-office footprint?

Our speaker today is Spencer Wolfe, Managing Director of AINEO Networks. As early as 2008 Spencer rolled out a cloud business targeted at Japanese SMEs. In his presentation he will share valuable insights on such areas as client data, privacy and whether the cloud is a good match for your business or something that should be avoided. Some of the things you will take away from this executive event:

 What impact could cloud computing have on your operating costs?
 What are the latest Internet trends that might affect your business?
 How can you make cost-effective decisions to enhance your bottom line?

Please be sure to book early for what promises to be a popular event.

This event is promoted by the BCCJ Property Industry Forum.

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Event name:
Heads in the Cloud?

2010 Jun 24

12:00 – 14:00

ANA Intercontinental Hotel