Bright, Quick, & Flexible

img_2187  The Spring CEO Insights Forum 2016 was a fantastic gathering of business leaders representing the world’s most recognized brands and influential companies that keep things markets moving. The event was held at Oakwood’s new property at the Tekko Building adjacent to Tokyo station’s Yaesu district

Spencer Wolfe welcomed the guests to the meeting and intrducted the emcee for the evening, Mr. Ross Rowbury. Mr. Rowbury, boss of the world’s largest public relations firm, Edelman, showed his experience in running the Forum.

img_2201The group was addressed by METI (Ministry Of Economy, Trade, And Industry) Deputy Director General Mr. Toshitake Kurosawa. Mr. Suzuki did an excellent job of connecting with CIF CEOs and guests. The c-levels got a better feel for what how the Japanese government is trying to make it easier for international organizations to set up, operate, and expand their Japan-based businesses.

The CIF is not just a presentations forum, it is an interactive experience. CEOs also shared their thoughts on what Japan needs to do to be more competitive with neighboring countries and around Asia to win more business commitment from global firms.

img_2203Our second speaker of the evening kept the momentum of Mr. Suzuki. Wall Street Journal’s Tokyo Bureau Chief, Mr. Peter Landers, gave a different feel but equally engaging insights. Mr. Landers shared his research and thoughts on the future of Japanese companies and brands. His topic was “Japanese Business Over the Next 15 Years”. Not only did he share insights of 15 years from now, but what Japanese firms our doing now to adapt their businesses.

The Spring CIF was interactive, engaging, and actually inspired a survey of companies in Japan that brought insights to our friends in government.