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AINEO buildings a lot of facilities for various organizations in Japan. We are frequently putting NTT East telephone company’s services into our budgets. Here is a quick reference for their services


INS-1500 (ISDN- PRI- T1, 23B+D Channel Circuit)
Running Cost- 43,000 yen/month (12,000 yen of which is for DSU rental)
Initial Installation- Approx. 50,000 yen varies based on site.

INS-64 (ISDN- BRI, 2B+D Channel Circuit)
Running Cost- 3,780 yen/month (DSU/line purchase price is 19,000 yen)
Initial Installation- Approx. 12,000 yen varies based on site.

Analog (Standard Telephone)
Running Cost- 2,750 yen/month

Initial Installation- Approx. 12,000 yen varies based on site.

When selecting a telephone line in Japan, it is best to understand the following options
-the number of staff the system will support
-the usage of the office (dealing room, airline reservation center, standard office, customer call center, etc.)
-the working hours

If you have any questions, AINEO has been supporting telephone systems for over a decade. Please send us an email or give us a call at +81-3-5833-2060 if you need any advice.

Optical fiber cables and wires for telecommunications networks are laid out in an orderly fashion in NTT East Corporation’s tunnels.