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Using a smartphone has become an expensive experience in many places. In the US, an individual can pay $100 a month to use Verizon Wireless. In Japan, it’s $50 to $60 a month and seems to be rising with network packet speeds. With the new LTE standards, of course Softbank, KDDI’s AU and Docomo all seem to have raised their pricing by $10 a month. Clearly, carriers are trying to milk this new cash cow called packet services (or internet services) as there doesn’t seem to be too much to make in traditional phone services for them competitively. There is, however, some silver lining to this particular cloud of rising packet costs.

Finally, the throughput is good enough to virtually and seamlessly use LTE services with ShoreTel Mobility. Last week, we found ShoreTel mobility worked flawlessly for us along the Shinkansen routes of Japan. It worked great in the Nagano direction as well as Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe. This wasn’t the case with the 3G networks so it was a wonderful result to our testing. We were able to receive calls to our Tokyo phone number in taxis, trains, and buses. This was in addition to tall buildings in Kobe.

It was extremely efficient to be able to work with a smartphone like we were sitting at our desk and receive calls from within Japan, India, and even Italy. There was no need to give several numbers to contact you on. Just one number that is cost efficient and everyone knows.

The beauty of mobility was we were able to use that one number and make and receive calls like we were sitting at our desk. Whether we were in another office or enroute. It didn’t matter if it was domestic or international. We can now work from anywhere with no carrier charges us a premium on calls.

For companies looking for ways to reduce costs and increase inefficiency, ShoreTel’s Mobility solution is a beautiful way to deliver service to your team.

Want to hear more about ShoreTel’s Mobility solution for your office? Contact one of our business development professionals who would be happy to recommend the configuration that matches your system.

Mobility works with not just ShoreTel PBX units but also, Cisco, Avaya, and Mitel systems you already have. If you are wanting to minimize capital expenditures, how about putting it on the cloud by using Asia first hosted ShoreTel business phone service iPBX