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Communications have evolved considerably over the last 100 years. We see incredible advances with the computer in our pocket… the smartphone.

If you are a teenager, the smartphone and other devices may be the only mode of communication that you know. From movies and other attempts to remember our history, we remember the telegraphs of the Wild West, they are gone. Yet the telex that banks and airlines used years ago are still in use in many places. One old bit of technology that is still in use is the fax machine. The fascimile has been reliable as it just always works. It never has hard disk crashes, never needs a reboot, and provides a safe and secure mode that many companies still use for important communications.

With the advent of email in the 1980s, and more so in the 1990s, the usage of fax machines has eroded. Now many firms send order forms and communicatiosn via email as well as attached files. However, the fax machine has continued it’s existence. What is the future for facsimile machines?

Many people keep using fax machines for multiple reasons-
1) Fax machines never get blocked by spam filters
2) There is no such thing as computer software viruses like emails have had
3) Human Resource Departments continue to keep separate fax machines in their private offices to keep information secure

Does this make sending a fax more secure than an email? Not exactly, but it certainly deters the elimination of the technology anytime soon. That’s probably why airlines still have telex machines in their offices. They’re just reliable.