Bright, Quick, & Flexible

At AINEO Networks Hosting, we’re huge fans of devices.  Of course, most businesses need phones on their desks for general affairs, back office, accounting, and other roles.

However, we have shown how cool it is to use iPBX with the Apple watch.  We’ve also reviewed the Apple watch and compared to other smart watches.

Recently, people have become interested in a different kind of device.  The ‘wearable’, which for most people means an activity tracker. This is a new area so people tend to say ‘tracker’ when they talk about these devices that measure your activities.  They tell you how far you have walked or run, if you have been sitting to long, and of course these wrist devices tell you the time.

The iPhone destroyed or shall we say disrupted several industrie

s. Camera sales plummeted because everyone had the iPhone camera in their pocket.  Music players have also dropped in sales as people just listen to music on their iPhone or Android device.

A visit to the local electronics store just months ago would yield very few trackers or wearables.  However, a recent visit to a major electronics store in Tokyo showed a plethora of devices from Garmin, Fitbit, and many others.  Apparently, people like the ability to measure how active they are.  It will be very interesting to watch this segment develop.

As the whole concept of iPBX is to be able to work from anywhere, we are still huge fans of the Apple watch.  It is definitely overpriced, has poor battery life that will lose some people who don’t want to charge their device every day, and is not always displaying the time.  Despite this, we’ll stick with the Apple Watch that give you the activity tracking, iPBX Circle collaboration notifications, and a direct connect to the iPBX phone service.