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Apple supersedes Google as the world’s most valuable brand. The list is dominated by American companies including

1. Apple ($153bn)
2. Google ($111bn)
3. IBM ($100bn)
4. McDonald’s ($81bn)
5. Microsoft ($78bn)
6. Coca Cola ($73bn)
7. AT&T ($70bn)
8. Marlboro ($67bn)
9. China Mobile ($57bn)
10. GE ($50bn)

Interestingly, social media website Facebook entered the list for the first time – but not in the top 10. The Britian’s top brand was Vodafone, ranking 12th on the global list valued at $43bn.

The list is mostly dominated by technology companies however one brand stood out. Coca Cola was founded 125 years ago (introduced in 1886) showing a product that has stood the test of time and various economic up and downturns.

This study was announced by agency Millward Brown and more information on this release can be found here.