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FaxCore’s fax over IP systems take a necessary technology and outfit it for the present day. Everything is done on computers these days, which has led some people to believe that the fax machine is dead. Yet its use is still required in a number of industries. This is something that American firm Telecomp recognizes, which is why FaxCore is one of their most trusted partners.

Faxing not inherently outdated
There are probably some people out there who believe that email attachments are the best – and only – way to send documents digitally. This could not be further from the case! Despite being historically restricted to a siloed endpoint, faxing is actually much more secure than email. This is why fields like healthcare, finance and government still have mandates in place that put the fax first.

But incorporating the fax into modern workloads can be fairly cumbersome. Sending a document in this way implies that someone has to print it off, then take it over to the fax machine and send it out. The receiver of this missive then will most likely need to take that fax and scan it back into a different system. In the old days, it would be slipped in a file somewhere, but the changing nature of storage and record keeping dictates that digital is better, faster and easier. Physical paper, on the other hand, is being treated more like an obstacle than a medium.

Helping connect businesses
The great need for effective, modern faxing is why Telecomp has been trusting FaxCore for over 5 years of their 12-year existence. According to Telecomp president Gino Capino, the company’s old fax service provider was unreliable. This meant not only did Telecomp have poor faxing capabilities, but so did its clients. Capino said that moving to FaxCore helped to change that.

“At that time, we had a lot of interoperability issues with some of these competing products,” Capino said in a phone interview. “The client software on the PC for the users to use was very buggy, locking up the machine. It became kind of a post-sales support nightmare for our support staff here. …We’ve been very happy with the [FaxCore] product line over the years. We’ve had no reason to change.”

Capino stated that their need to assist clients with fax access has significantly decreased in the time that FaxCore has been a part of Telecomp’s roster. He referred to the FaxCore experience as “painless,” and that it has facilitated a great deal of savings for their clients.

Enabling modern fax
The nature of communications is changing. This is especially true for enterprises. If a mode of connection cannot be obtained effectively over IP, then it is of no use to the employee of the present day. As a unified communications distributor, this is something that Telecomp understands very well, which is why they trust FaxCore for their Internet fax needs.

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