Bright, Quick, & Flexible

We are pleased to announce that Microsoft Teams is now integrated with CIRCLE Cloud Communications, Japan’s fastest growing internet-based phone service.

If you are currently using CIRCLE, you can now use existing Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, toll-free, 050 numbers or any other CIRCLE phone number you have. Why use Microsoft Teams and CIRCLE?

  • Make and receive calls with your existing numbers so your customers always know where to get you
  • Take advantage of CIRCLE Voice Recording (CVR) to capture your transactions for training your team or verifying your trading details
  • Get the analytics of your business using CIRCLE Call Reporting (CCR)- How busy was the team? Do you have enough people? What times do your clients contact you the most? Who did we need to call back?
  • Eliminate customer service compromising of using inferior unrecognizable, limited features, or un-portable Microsoft only services.
  • Stay connected to CIRCLE for those back office staff, remote sites (stores or hotel branches), and the popular QuickFAX service.
  • Keep all your communications in one place

We begin beta roll outs for those organizations interested in using Microsoft Teams with CIRCLE from 13 December (Monday). To sign up contact your friendly Partner Service team or drop us a line via our contact form here

Thanks for making CIRCLE Japan’s best cloud communications service!