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The days of the telephone system (AKA a PBX or business phone system) in the office, factory, university, store… they are passed.  Smart companies are putting their phone calls with their teams and customers into the cloud.  However, the problem with the various cloud PBX companies is that they are very limited because they are using free unsupported open source software.  Usually, they have a very limited dialer that doesn’t even sync up to their softphone or even deskphone if they have one.  Smart organizations choose CIRCLE.

To date, the CIRCLE has been mostly promoting smartphone use with Apple’s iPhones.  The benefit to iPhone has been that it is consistent hardware and software.  The challenge is that Apple raises their pricing with every new version. iPhone is becoming too expensive for many companies.  Recently, the CIRCLE team has started testing other options.  We have selected Google’s Pixal 6a for two reasons, 1) the hardware is just as good as any iPhone, 2) You have a clean version of Android available with Graphene OS.

We have been running two phones for about two months and have had great success.  CIRCLE Cloud Communications runs very well on both devices and gives an option other than the expensive Apple devices for your organization.

  • You can enjoy the benefits of your phone number for group or direct lines
  • See you personal or group chats with your team
  • Can listen to your voicemails from the CIRCLE app

If you need a geographic number outside of Tokyo’s 03 area code, never fear! CIRCLE has datacenters around Japan and has 03 (Tokyo), 06 (Osaka), 052 (Nagoya) and countless others.

If you have any questions about using your local Japan numbers on your Android devices (or iPhones!), don’t hesitate to give the bright Partner Service team at CIRCLE a call!