Bright, Quick, & Flexible

The phone system in a business or virtually any organization has evolved so much since Scottish-born Alexander Graham Bell invented the first phone in the US. There have been so many players from the United States, Canada, Japan, China, Sweden, Germany, France, and even the UK.

The market has seen so many brands come and go. AT&T spun off their enterprise business to Lucent Technologies, that business later became Avaya. The French player, Alcatel, later merged with the carrier business that was left of Lucent. Ericsson, the Swedish player sold off their business which eventually became Aastra.. that was snapped up by Canadian firm Mitel in 2014. Siemens and Alcatel are around, but not so strong in Asia. NEC Corporation of Japan was a power hitter for years in the US, Australia, and many other markets but of recent has been more focused on the Japan market. In the meantime, Huawei has risen in China and taken the typical developing nation newcomer role of competing on price, (sell as cheap as possible) just to get market share. There are many companies that we can talk about but we’ll save that for a later AINEO Insight.

There are have been a few entries into the market of during the last 20 years. Probably the most notable is ShoreTel of Sunnyvale California. ShoreTel, like many of it’s predecessors built it’s platform on VX works but focused on building from the ground up while keying on the Windows Network. When ShoreTel rebranded itself in 2011, it started describing itself as “brilliantly simple”. What makes ShoreTel say it’s ‘brilliantly simple” and does ShoreTel have the justification to say so?

AINEO Networks brought ShoreTel to Japan in the end 2007. AINEO helped localize the product to work with the telco carriers, display Japanese in the software, and even make a ShoreTel Japan website. The AINEO technical services team is called TRIBE Support and has mostly come from an AT&T, NEC, and NorTel Networks background with the team supporting systems since 1993. Based on our experience with various products that our partner clients want supported, AINEO believes ShoreTel calls themselves “Brilliantly Simple.”

1) ShoreTel is a simple system with call processing built into orange ShoreTel switches.
2) ShoreTel is modular. Need a T1 circuit? Add a switch supporting T1
3) I&M (Installation and maintenance) can be learned in a couple weeks of training.
4) Phones easily integrate with your Windows desktop using the Communicator Application
5) All voice mails and announcements are recorded to the Shoreware Director on the popular windows-based server
6) Other than a fan, there are no moving parts or cards to replace in ShoreTel switches.
7) System architecture is very easy to understand and roll out
8) ShoreTel’s single image architecture allows a multiple site organization to function as one large PBX no matter where they are.

There is so much more we would like to say, but we’ll have to save that for a future AINEO Insights as well.

From AINEO’s 21 years of dealing with these types of systems, ShoreTel’s IP Phone platform is not just simple, it’s brilliantly simple to an ever increasing crowd of firms. Have any questions about the ShoreTel platform? Drop us a line here. We’re always happy to talk high tech and putting it to work in business.