Bright, Quick, & Flexible

October and November are a great time of the year. Halloween doesn’t appeal too much to us, as dressing up and pretending to be someone else is not as fun as becoming a better person each day. We like October and November, at the end of the year because it’s Thanksgiving time in Canada (October) and the United States (November). Being thankful is something that we should all attain to be, not just each fall during the harvest time, but all year. Fall is the time to celebrate the fruit of our hard work (the harvest) . For this year’s ‘harvest time’, our team put together a quick list of the things that we are thankful for.

What is the CIRCLE Cloud Communications Team thankful for?

  • First and foremost the thousands of organizations that use CIRCLE to talk to their customers and staff, all day, every day.
  • For the diversity of thought amongst the offices, retail stores, universities, bicycle brands, embassies, pharma companies, hotels, outdoor goods companies, aerospace, consumer products, energy firms, car parts manufacturers, banks, securities firms, movie studios, doctors, veterinarians, and thousands of other organizations that we can’t even name that have chosen CIRCLE!
  • A great hiring team that has turned our team from good to great. In two years we have transformed. Our partner service team is a team of champions always looking to help people use CIRCLE better for their businesses.
  • Geo-redundant systems in Japan between Tokyo and Osaka. Platform upgrades that make regular security and feature upgrades even easier.
  • QuickFAX, a super popular cloud-based fax service running 24 hours a day every day. Talk about popular!
  • A fantastic technical services team, we call TRIBE that work great as a team. They guided us through an amazing volume of upgrades this year.

Our list of what we are thankful could probably continue through the end of the year. There are some many things the CIRCLE team is thankful for. We’ll end our list here for now. And just remember that our partner clients are really the kings and queens here. By helping organizations better communicate with their customers their businesses really prosper. Thanks to the smart technology and operations people who are choosing CIRCLE for phone and much much more!