Bright, Quick, & Flexible

Probably every generation born sees the generation after them as not being able to handle what they did.  We have all heard our elders talk about the tough life they had. Unbelievable stories of how they walked 10 kilometers to school in shorts… during the winter.. in the snow.. Truly, thanks to technology and transportation advances people have better lives.  It seems like ages ago when work every day was not to get a salary but really to make money to be able to buy food.  Generations before spent their lives working to grow the food themselves otherwise they would starve.  Life in Japan during and after the war was horrible.  We are all told not to leave a grain of rice in our rice bowls, as that generation was taught not to waste.

We have entered into the disposable generation.  We no longer fix everything when it breaks.  Many times we throw away items and just buy something new.  Computers have a 3 year life span for most companies.  Phone systems or the PBX is probably the longest lasting item.  Especially in Japan where there hasn’t been much innovation by NEC, Hitachi, and most of the local manufacturers. There has been no reason to replace the phone system and they are used for 6 to 10 years.  Mobile communications has changed a lot there.

What Happened To This Generation?

Technology continues to get better and better.  Our youth are growing up in dysfunctional families, where the father and mother have no relationship. Worse yet, the rate of divorce is actually increasing.  Kids are usually a reflection of their parents.  If the parents haven’t got their lives together, how can we expect the kids to?  Many times the company is teaching these grown up kids, who are now employees, how to talk, how to interact, and how to be good communicators.  However, the broken and dysfunctional families have taken their toll on society.  

Many of the next generation of new team mates joining or companies are quick to give up, slow to respond, forget easily to do something, and just don’t have basic skills.  With the internet, our youth left to themselves just don’t know how to talk to people.  


Big Babies

Parents have had things good financially and have sheltered their kids from real life.  Many kids are just quitters.  They don’t hold a job, they quit university halfway through, they quickly give up sports rather than making the effort to get good.  They get distracted by software and games that makes they less able to interact normally with their peers.  They are big babies trying, or in making cases not trying, to be adults.


How Can Companies Help Eliminate The Wimpy Society

It’s a matter of time, however companies can do things to have a better influence on kids.  The key is the family.  People that have a strong and healthy family at home make the best co-workers.  By encouraging our teams to value their private time as a chance to be with families, we can have a positive influence on the families of our organizations.  When others see that taking your kids outdoors is more valuable than leaving them at home to play games, they will begin to see the benefits.  Kids won’t just leave home when they’re twenty something. They’ll want to be around their loving parents and bring their future spouses there to meet them.

 Encourage Your Team

Encourage your team to value every minute of their lives.  Work hard at the office, but get out and have a life as well. Sometimes you have to work when there are things to close.  Other times, we have to get the business while it’s there.  

Ways To Encourage Your Team Raise People Of Promise-  Encourage teammates to

Take all their paid vacation days each year

Spend time with their family especially with their kids

Take dates with their spouse

Get advanced approval for out of hours work and take replacement time later

Support parents attending their kid’s events

Talk about trips outside of your city on breaks

Companies can have a positive influence on society. It starts with encouraging your teams to build strong relationships, one family at a time.  Someday we may be able to say SAYONARA to all the wimps.