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Recently, there has been a lot of press about Saudi Arabia, and some of the other monarchies in the gulf. Why is it that these governments are concerned about individuals using BlackBerry? Is it really because they are concerned about terrorists have a way to communicate that is unmonitored? Yes, we believe that it is part of it. However, in general it seems like governments are keen to spy on their people in the name of security. They want to monitor what people are doing whether it be email, messenger (as in this case), website, or any other means of communicator.

We have heard recently that even the CIA has a presence in the Silicon Valley in California where they invest in companies that allow them to monitor people. The CEO of a large IP company based there shared that he found where the CIA had even invested in the highly successful Google. That is scary if you read our AINEO Insight a few months back here. Of course, you can have the logic that you are doing nothing illegal, so there is nothing to worry about. But do you really want the government to know everything about you?

If your company is using Research In Motions Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) service, their data center for North America is in Canada, their datacenter for Europe is in Canada, their datacenter for Asia Pacific (that’s us!) is in¦. you guessed it¦. Canada. The reason why the Saudis want access is that all the data is encrypted in Saudi Arabia by RIM and sent back to Canada. The security is good and the Saudi government has no access to it, so this is why they we threatening to ban BlackBerry in Saudi Arabia. Of course, RIM doesn’t want to lose their business in that country hence all the backroom negotiations.

A Swiss banker in Tokyo said his bank banned BlackBerry from their company because of the data being in Canada. Evidently the Swiss see Canada as a colony of the Americans and don’t want the American government spying on them as they feel the US could get easy access.

As you look at what cloud service you are using, you really need to think about where you data is. For AINEO Secure, all your data is in Japan in multiple data centers. You don’t have to worry about foreign governments reading your mail, or even the Japanese government for that matter. Your privacy is important to us and as long as you are not doing anything illegal or immoral, the only person who is going to read your mail is you!