Bright, Quick, & Flexible

If you have worked any job, you will know that there are some really fabulous people to work with.  You can get a boss who will take their time to teach you the business, how to service clients, how to manage your resources, and other essentials to building a great business. Great companies are all about having great people.

Why Is It That Some Great Companies Have Lousy Managers and Executives?
Just as there is no perfect person out there, there is no perfect company.  To be a great company, leadership has to make a constant effort to make sure they have the right people in the right positions.  We have all seen what we consider to be great companies putting incompetent, inexperienced, or even abusive people in positions of authority in their organizations.

These misplaced people abuse clients and attack company team mates  with their ill-advised marketing strategies and silly rules.  They are usually laser-focused on the tree and forgetting to look at the forest of business.  The ‘tree’ they typically over-emphasize is or some other CRM.  Rather looking at how they can better support their business partners, they are just asking them to sell more but neglected to ask how they could help them sell more.

Bad management have their jobs for two reasons-
1. Corporate executives have made a bad hire and they neglect dealing with it
2. Bosses aren’t  triangulating the feedback from past and present employees regarding the person they have put in authority to find out the truth

Most companies have politics which usually are the result of waste generated by their bad managers.  Bad managers are incompetent so they have to hide themselves behind others.  They like to take credit for things they did not do.  Once a large order comes in, they are quick to take credit for the deal despite doing nothing to get the deal.  We’ve all seen the email go out taking credit for a deal.

No matter how great the company is, if a firm does not remove these negative managers from their business, they will pay the price later.  Great companies become mediocre due to bad management decisions.  Mediocrity leads to loss and decline in that business.  The story of Firestone tires and Laura Ashley both demonstrate how no business will survive if the leadership goes bad.

Running A Business?
If you are running a business, you are not running a machine.  You are running an organism that needs to be constantly fed, nurtured, and observed.

The best companies are the ones that know how recognize a personnel (human resource) mistake and deal with it quickly.