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Recently, there is an influx of people doing IT work in Tokyo, around Japan and even in the various cities around the region like Singapore, Sydney, Shanghai, Seoul, Bangkok, and even India. Why do people choose AINEO to be their IT department, or extra support for the IT department? Let us tell you what our customers are saying;

1) AINEO is flexible. AINEO is not a hardware sales company. We are not pushed to see a certain million dollars worth of Cisco, Avaya, Nortel or any manufacturers gear be forced into a company’s office. We are not biasedly forced to sell certain computer systems. Each business is different, and so it the solution. We use the right hardware and software with the system set up that matches the business.

2) The AINEO team is always positive looking for a way to support the business. We are not moody engineers, but technology professionals who know how to engineer a system, whether it is a small enterprise or a full-fledged data center or customer call (care) center.

3) We have been around 10 years in Tokyo alone, and have hundreds of years of engineering experience in house to put to work for their business.

4) We are full-time professionals, not recruiters or a body shop trying to fill positions with people that we hope have good engineering skills. We do not supply our team members as eternal full time staff to any one site or charge the ridiculously high 35% recruiting fees. AINEO’s team learns the business of the site we support and do that support. Our engineers rotate every three to six months to build site knowledge into our team. The support is not limited to any one particular AINEO person. We work as a team.

5) AINEO is focused on existing customers. We are not so busy trying to sell products and services that we forget the customers have already entrusted their IT systems to our care. We are not afraid to turn down business if we feel we need to focus more on the people we are already working for.

6) AINEO has a great reputation in the market. Business is all about win-win relationships. We put a lot of work into those companies that have given us contracts to work for them. AINEO customers will make their business goals. We are happy to help those who need help time to time, however we are fully committed to those who are committed to AINEO. Our reputation as a positive “can do” firm is well known.

7) AINEO is constantly evaluating new software and hardware so that we can recommend up-to-date systems for the businesses we support. We spend up to 5% of our annual profit on research and development so that we are making sure we stay top in class.

8) With AINEO, systems work very well. The experience of our engineers give our systems support the “midas” touch. AINEO customers are very successful in their businesses because they have selected AINEO to support them. Surround your business with champions and you and your staff will rise to being champions. Success and integrity rubs off.

9) AINEO guys are just plain fun to work with. We aren’t stone-faced personality deprived engineers. We are creative, hard-working technology engineers. We know how to plan, implement, and support systems and we do it with great attitudes from start to finish.

Stop leaving your IT to someone just because they speak a little English or know how to install Windows. Get a partner who isn’t just working to get a monthly fee. Get AINEO because we care about your business and are fully-engaged in making the business a success through great information technology systems and support. Contact an Account Manager today in Japanese, English, Spanish, or Mandarin today. We speak your language in business and will give you the best IT team and systems you have ever had.
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