Bright, Quick, & Flexible

AINEO Networks was founded in 1997 as technical consultants supporting AT&T (now Avaya) and NEC equipment. AINEO started as just consultants but was quickly pulled in to maintenance and support by partner clients looking for seasoned engineering and responsive engineers to support their business essential systems.

In the 2000s, AINEO recognized the lack of good support for the huge installed base of Nortel Networks systems in Japan. Hundreds of users came under the care of AINEO’s bright, quick, and flexible support team. AINEO won contracts with the worlds leading airlines, food companies, telecom carriers, banks, Internet brands and many others.

With the Nortel impending bankruptcy coming, the firm’s management team decided they had to have an international system option for global partner clients. After supplier headquarter visits, product evaluations, and product testing AiNEO selected ShoreTel as the product to localize and market in Japan in 2007 and is heavily invested in ShoreTel.

In 2008, one European Multi National company (MNC) asked AINEO to support Mitel products for their sites nationwide. AINEO declined due to attention required to localize ShoreTel products.

In June of 2012, the same MNC again asked AINEO to support their 20 plus sites as they were accustomed to the high service levels while they used Nortel products from AINEO. This time AINEO agreed as poor system support was hampering the partner’s business. In March 2013, AINEO’s tech tribe support began technical services to support Mitel Networks IP PBX systems.

AINEO now provides great technical support to customers of both ShoreTel and Mitel product lines.