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It’s official, Avaya has officially filed for bankruptcy so it could restructure.  Avaya was a fantastic company and it’s contact center system for taking customer service calls has been best in class for years.  Avaya was originally the division of AT&T called Global Business Communications Systems (GBCS).  That division along with the Network Systems (who focused on Carrier grade phone systems) division were spun off into Lucent Technologies in 1996.  The GBCS division was latter spun again into Avaya.

Avaya continued to grow and had great technology.  However, the acquiring of bankrupted NorTel Networks didn’t help the company and many believe it never recovered.  The idea for buying Nortel was the remains of the competitor would bring those users onto the Avaya platform.  In actuality, many of the NorTel users went to Cisco Systems or NorTel’s Canada-based competitor Mitel Networks.  

Avaya is now in restructuring mode, but can the firm make it?  Probably not.  The technology has changed and everyone is going to the cloud.  Many companies have taken their email to cloud based servers.  The same desire is very clear with phone systems.  Companies want to put it in the cloud.  

In Japan, there are several choices for cloud phone services. There are many open-sourced and insecure options, there are a couple overpriced options, and there’s secure, reliable and cost effective.  AINEO selected Mitel for our Japan cloud phone service because we wanted security, stability, and to be able to roll out features as our wonderful companies.  

If you are in the market for cloud in Japan.  Please contact  If you looking for other markets, please let us know and we’d be happy to introduce proven communications services.