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With new products, come marketing hype. Sometimes, it hard to tell if the actual product is worth the purchase price or not. Walking through Yodobashi Camera you’ll see stickers in Japanese on virtually anything computer related saying “Windows Vista Compatible”. We even saw 2,000 yen mini hubs with the stickers on them. Obviously, people that are even somewhat technically literate know that a hub works with any computer (Windows, LINUX, OSX, etc.).

AINEO is a Microsoft Partner and running, testing, and configuring Microsoft’s software close to 365 days a year. We are not limited to Microsoft and are very keen on Linux, UNIX, Apple’s OSX and software that makes sense for the what you are wanting to do. For example, there is no need to buy a license for Microsoft’s server OS for a webserver. Apache is a great option for most companies and individuals alike.

As for the new Windows Vista, there are mixed reviews. Of course, it is a better product than Windows XP. But, is it worth it? The answer is really, “What are you wanting to do with it?” If you are a corporate user, and you do a lot of searching on your computers for files the operating system catalogs the files quite well. The talk about better security is unrelated for a well-designed and maintained corporate network. The reason for this is the computer would be sitting behind a corporate firewall. Of course, if you want to be a silly user and click on whatever comes in without thinking, then you certainly can mess up your computer whether you’re on Vista or XP.

In general, it is a nice OS but you really need to have higher-spec hardware that is designed to work with the software. It handles photos better and has some nifty graphics renderings that you gamers are used to seeing. But in general, if you have relatively new workstations then you may want to stick with Windows XP. When you start replacing PCs you will have to get Windows Vista by default regardless.

In our view, Windows Vista is really yet again a poor copy of Apple’s OSX system. (David Pogue on the New York Times has a hilarious review on <a href=”″ title=”his site”>his site</a>. ). It finally gives Windows users the same things that OSX has been doing for the last 3 or 4 years. It is good for the market to have competition so it is good if everything is not all Microsoft or not all Apple.

Our view on Windows Vista, if you are a home user then you may want to think about it for your high specification computer. If you are a corporate, AINEO Networks recommends that you stick with Windows XP unless you have some specific functionality that you are needing immediately in your network.

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