Bright, Quick, & Flexible

Regular visitors to AINEO Insights will know that AINEO is a bright, quick, and flexible company keen to be productive and happy.  Part of being happy is the satisfaction of getting things done.  In fact, there is a whole way of doing things called Getting Things Done (or GTD) that was pulled together by American author David Allen in his 2001 book of the same name.  Getting things done is nothing new as we’ve seen from the famous Franklin Day Planner of the US, or the Filofax brand planners of the UK.  It’s just that much of the tools have gone digital.  What does that mean in 20 or 30 years?  That much of what we do will be digital vapor as no paper is used, but digital does have it’s benefits.

We all have reminders on our iPhones and action lists in various forms on our various devices.  We wrote about one service we liked called Nozbe here.  We recently did a refresh on the options for task management as the key to having successful projects is doing the tasks in involved with the projects.  With the cloud so prevalent now, there are many more task management services out there.  A little bit of research brings up





Remember The Milk



We have been testing various services.  We like Nozbe as it is so well supported, however $80 USD a year for a stand alone service was a bit much for us.  With a bit more research we discovered Wunderlist.  Wunderlist is a very nice product from Germany but unfortunately only about $20 USD less than Nozbe.  The part that makes most people unwilling to spend money is that Wunderlist was bought by Microsoft.  People remember what happened to Nokia as well as Skype once they sold out… product and service degradation.  

 Checking Out All The Options

We tested next but found the interface to be too plain.  Just missing the cool format that Wunderlist had.  Also, the ability to email a list to people is a nice feature in Wunderlist.  But again, that price was a bit much.  We briefly looked at other options such as action items in Evernote (as we use it), Omnifocus as well as Remember the Milk.  After a lot of testing, price performance checks we were very happy with  The service is $28 USD a year and has all the features of the other services and a solid company behind the service, although they seem to work virtually much like the Nozbe folks without the expenses of having real corporate offices.

Todoist- The Clear Winner For Straight To Dos

Task management and to do lists will continue to evolve in the SaaS (software as a service) model.  If you are wanting to get things done, the stand alone hands down winner is Todist.  Why?

Apps for all platforms (Mac, Windows, Android, iOS)

Can email tasks to your account

Servers are fast to update over the cloud on both mobile and WIFI

Interface is not too cluttered but not overly simplified either

Price is under $30USD/year which is our take on what this type of service should cost.


Working Better As A Team

If you’re looking to better collaborate and communicate as a company team, you may be need to move set your standards higher.  Several companies have offerings that include chat and even voice now.  The stand alone task manager app is not enough for the corporate team.  Avaya, Cisco, and Mitel have all come out with a step up from task management.  At AINEO, we selected Mitel’s Miteam.

We selected Mitel’s platform for multiple reasons, not just the cool action lists.  Miteam is exactly that, a TEAM platform.  Your team can work from anywhere and these are the tools we use.  The biggest sales point for us is that we can talk through the same platform.  Listing up the sales points for choosing Miteam are

Telephone System (PBX) Integrated

Secure Company Individual Chat And Group Chats

Work/Project Steams with chat, video, document sharing, and action lists

Video on any device with a camera

Delegation of tasks

Screen Sharing

Web Conferencing both video and audio

AINEO has built out Miteam in Japan and enhanced the offering to Japan users as well. We call the service iPBX Circle, you can find more about it here.