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Nozbe ScreenshotRecently a young grandfather in the US was asked by his 4 year old granddaughter what he did for work all day.  The grandfather who works at a large American firm said, “I write email and do conference calls all day”.  That answer is a good joke, but people laugh at jokes because there is always a bit of truth or something they can relate to there that makes it funny.  This sense of work being about email may have been a joke with this man and his granddaughter, but many of us are driven by our email inbox every day.

AINEO is all about email as we provide business email via  We also provide business phones via our iPBX phone service.  We see communications as the most important part of our business.

Phones and email are essential to most businesses, but we see a new trend coming.  This is a trend towards integrating our email, chat, phone and tasks.  Today we are pleased to introduce you to a great option on tasks.  Some of our team have been recently using’s task management service.  Of course, we have task management in our Bizmail service that is based on the powerful Zimbra server, but we want more flexibility for prioritizing and logging.  We feel collaboration and task management will become more and more necessary as email volumes have increased so much.  Getting away from email and using the Getting Things Done (GTD) method may help you more in your job.

Nozbe is a wonderful service designed and built by Polish entrepreneur Michael Sliwinski.  Nozbe is “a tool that helps busy professionals and their teams manage time, tasks and projects”.  For those of us coming from the Franklin (Covey) Day Planner  background where you make a daily list of tasks, Nozbe is a new take on getting things done.

We use the computer app, iOS app and the Android app to quickly write down what we need to do when it comes to mind.  Every morning we’re able to drag and drop our tasks in the order which needs to be done on our machine.  This is eliminating our need to use the Franklin planner style (Actually, we use the Bindex branded paper version) paper as we prioritize the tasks for the day.

With Franklin Dayplanner style of task management, you tend to do more of a daily list, prioritize that list, then start executing.  For items to be done on later days, you write them on the days to be done.  With the Nozbe digital version for doing things, you have to prioritize your day each morning, but the list all stays there.  (We do really think there is something about writing down your list and taking your notes in the same planner).  We have found ourselves doing a lot of carry over of tasks each day.  With Nozbe GTD practice, we immediately dictate or type the note down in our task list on whatever device we happen to be carrying.

The Nozbe sales support team was very responsive to our questions, the data is synced to Poland or some server in the EU, and overall we found it a good service.  We would like to see the ability to drag and reorder tasks in the iPhone/iOS app like we can do on the PC/MAC app.  Also, they might be wise to build in a chat client as now we have Skype or Hipchat to talk between teammates.  Too many apps and services to learn for most people.

We hope you enjoyed our insights on this getting things done app.  If you want to give Nozbe a run, click here and let them know you enjoyed the write up on AINEO Insights!

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