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TigerTMS iCharge Enterprise

iCharge Enterprise will undoubtedly become the gold standard for hotel communication management in hospitality. Derived from iCharge – the most widely used Hospitality Communication Manager System across the globe – this next generation technology is transforming the way hotels connect front and back office applications to provide a seamless service to guests, meeting the exact needs of different types of hotel.

For all hotel types, whether an independent or chain with multiple properties, iCharge Enterprise delivers first class performance through the integration of Property management systems, PBX, Voicemail, High speed internet access (HSIA), call accounting and many other hotel systems and produces comprehensive real-time and analytical reports that help hoteliers improve operational effectiveness and enhance the guest experience.

iCharge has a comprehensive set of Communication Management features that provides real-time information to improve your operations, examples include;

  • Dashboard view of your hotel operations including; room status, occupancy levels, system alerts
  • Fast billing of voice usage for guests and administration team
  • Automatic production of a range of reports to give detailed analysis, and enable operational improvements


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At the core of iCharge Enterprise is iLink – the Gold Standard for Hospitality Middleware. This provides interface connectivity to ensure every part of the infrastructure is linked for optimal performance and functionality. Our communications manager platform enhances the guest experience by effortlessly integrating

PMS to Telephony


PMS to Housekeeping


PMS to Room Control

PMS to Butler

PMS to Conference

Integration for Cruise

PMS to Ancillaries



A Dashboard for your Hotel Operations
The inbuilt dashboard provides live and real-time information for greater analysis and insights into your operations. Comprehensive reports flag urgent issues and enable informed decisions to be made.

View the status of Interface Connections


Report of schedules and history


Telephony Usage:
Filter on the number of incoming / outgoing calls, costs and charges.


Bring together your EZ daily reports with the Hotel’s PMS to provide a summary of the days calls, with drill down reporting on revenue by guest usage or operational cost usage by staff.


Ancillary Charges:
Report of charges from items such as minibar


Other Features
Many other reports are available including Admin usage, Account detail and Charge enquiry report.

Advanced reporting for businesses who want to delve deeper into their operational activities is also available through the Advanced Management Reporting module. These reports include Carrier Traffic Cost Analysis, Company Cost & Usage Analysis, Performance Analysis, Extension Usage Reports and Traffic Management Reports.

iCharge Enterprise is available on a subscription basis (1, 3, 5 years as standard – longer term periods also available) and is deployed on premise, in a virtualised or hosted environment in a private or public data centre.