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TigerTMS iLink

iLink is the central communication hub for the TigerTMS suite of solutions and all best-of-breed applications used by hotels who offer the ultimate guest experience. iLink has become the Gold Standard for Hospitality Middleware, providing interface connectivity for every leading PMS System, TV System and Guest Services’ solution available in the market.

Create an Enhanced Service for Your Guests
Guests increasingly embrace technology when it enhances their stay. From auto check-in and check-out on mobile devices, to being able to directly message and voice call hotel staff, or receive personalised messages on the smart TVs in their hotel rooms, guests accept the benefits of IT solutions. iLink enables hotels to achieve a high level of guest satisfaction, by ensuring every part of their infrastructure is connected.

A Perfect Solution to Save Time and Cost
By introducing a distributed Middleware approach, hoteliers can save significant time and costs by removing the need to purchase individual integrations for every application connected to the PMS. Ongoing annual support means you no longer have to pay for each interface – one iLink system is all you need!

iLink provides the most integrations and connects hundreds of applications to route data effortlessly between them. These interfaces include:

  • PMS
  • Telephony
  • WiFi
  • TV systems
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance
  • Wake Up
  • Conference
  • Minibar
  • BYOD
  • Guest Services
  • Emergency Notification
  • Room control
  • Voicemail
  • Butler
  • And many more…


The Traditional Setup
Since the advent of the modern PMS systems in the 1970’s, the conventional set up has been to position the PMS at the centre of the software architecture. This design was largely adopted because the PMS has become the most important and indispensable application within the hotel.

Many technologies and applications have been developed and added to this architecture over the years. With a licence fee charged for each integration, costs have racked-up for hoteliers. And the problem grows; as new products launch to the market, the interface costs are accompanied with delays for the connection to be built.

This set up is unnecessarily complicated, expensive and time consuming.

The Better Option
To become more efficient, Hoteliers can migrate to a flexible architecture where applications are added and removed easily, without onerous costs and delays, whilst retaining full connectivity with the PMS. This is precisely the function of TigerTMS’ iLink middleware solution.


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iLink connects hundreds of applications to each other, allowing data to flow between them. iLink boasts more interfaces to more applications than any other provider.

This platform is easily extended for additional applications to be connected to it, removing the need for direct connections to the PMS.

iLink has bi-directional interfaces to over 80 PMS systems, hundreds of telephony switches and all of the major TV and guest services systems. iLink is also able to connect via file transfer to all of the other PMS systems in the market. We work with some of the largest hospitality technology partners in the business. This has afforded us the accreditation as the supplier with the largest number of certified integrations, and our deep routed relationships ensures we keep up to date to provide new certified connections to the latest versions of technologies and products, as they are released to the market.

Benefits Summary

REACT TO MARKET TRENDS: iLink enables Hotels to implement applicable, relevant solutions for their guests, without having to wait many months for a new interface to be developed by the PMS provider.

SAVE COSTS: Remove the need to purchase and support individual interfaces. With iLink, you purchase once and use many times.

ENHANCE THE GUEST EXPERIENCE: Integrate your hotel technologies to personalise and meet the needs of individual guests.