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TigerTMS iPortal

iPortal is a unique solution. It boosts hotel revenues by generating additional bookings and enhances the guest experience to provide guests with all the hotel information they need, directly to their own mobile devices using a QR-Code. Importantly, it supports the desire for us all to contribute to a better and more sustainable future.

Your custom branded Guest Services iPortal solution displays real-time information to your guests on the lead up to and throughout their stay.

A Perfect Sales Tool to Boost Your Bookings
Include the iPortal QR-Code in your advertising to allow prospective customers the opportunity to view the amenities on offer at your hotel, to ask questions via chat messaging or by calling the property, and to book their reservation easily on-line. Once checked-in, upsell food and beverages with the F&B order and pay feature.

Create an Enhanced Service for Your Guests

For a more inclusive experience, iPortal can integrate and connect the guest through to the property PMS via our powerful iLink integration middleware, enabling additional functionalities such as view bill and auto check-out. Personal service is assured with onward integration to messaging* and telephony**, and iPortal becomes the users’ digital assistant for the duration of their stay.

Support the environment and your sustainability goals

Use iPortal to provide easy access to all your hotel’s information and promote the facilities on offer, whilst supporting your sustainability goals. With iPortal, you completely remove the need for the traditional printed hotel directory, information sheets, pamphlets promoting hotel services, and printed menus in rooms. Today’s guests welcome the use of technologies that contribute to a sustainable future.

No development

iPortal is easy to set-up and manage using the online content manager – you no longer need to engage outside companies and spend precious revenue developing an App. Choose a design from the templates available, brand it with your logos and to your colour scheme, upload your content and images, then you’re complete, it’s simple.

iPortal is easy to set-up and manage with using our online configurator – you no longer need to engage outside companies and spend precious revenue developing an App. Choose a design from the templates available, brand it to your colour scheme, upload logos, content and images, then you’re complete, it’s simple.

Mobile Demo
Open the camera on your smartphone and point it at the QR code to see instantly the advantages iPortal can bring your hotel. Remember the look, feel and content are all easily updated by you.


Key Features
iPortal utilises the latest technology to support 21st century travellers who are accustomed to using their mobile devices to obtain instant access to information, and communicate with hotel staff:


  • Customised branding
  • No development costs, easy to use templates
  • Replace room directories
  • Promote facilities and special offers
  • Make reservations
  • Speedy check out with the auto-express check-out facility
  • Integration with your PMS and voice and messaging systems
  • Enhanced messaging for multiple agents to answer guests’ messages
  • Enhance ratings with feedback from guests’
  • Social Media buttons linked directly to your social media channels
  • Dashboard Analytics for Reporting – see most frequently used buttons
  • Multi-site Management to creates once, use many to save time
  • Integration to leading F&B order and pay feature



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Benefits Summary

  • GENERATE ADDITIONAL REVENUE: Upsell additional services (critical period between booking & check-in) and cross-sell 3rd Party services —taxi, restaurants, theatre etc.
  • ENHANCE GUEST EXPERIENCE: Easy engagement with hotel staff via voice or messaging and no App to download. Customise with your branding.
  • SUPPORT YOUR SUSTAINABILITY GOALS AND SAVE MONEY: Replace traditional hotel directories and make ongoing changes using the iPortal Configurator.

We have selected a best of breed provider Fetch to partner with for our F&B order and pay functionality. Their contactless payment solution makes the customer experience even better, whilst increasing revenue for the hospitality business.

TigerTMS hospitality solutions are used by over 10,000 hotels worldwide.